40+ Creative Advertising Posters

Advertising Posters are great at getting people’s attention as long as you don’t make them too text heavy and you include an eye-catching most effective graphic in look-at-me colors.

Check out this collection of 40 creative advertising posters…

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Weapons of Mass Creation is a young grassroots movement to inspire and enable the creative mind. We believe that good things happen when ideas and talents are shared within the community. This mentality manifests itself in the lifestyle of a Weapon of Mass Creation. A person who defies the hand they’re dealt and makes stuff happen.

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Summer Internships

For those students who are interested in, or currently looking for,  summer internship opportunities check out these 3 recently posted positions!

  • Graphic Designer – Envision Radio Networks
    We look for assertive, highly motivated people who enjoy being part of a team. Strong organizational skills and ability to handle a diverse project load, attention to detail and excellent communication skills are musts.
  • Designer – Whitespace Creative
    WhiteSpace Creative is searching for a junior or senior college student to fulfill a summer design internship within our creative department.
  • Creative Services – Cleveland Browns
    Reporting to the Manager, Creative Services, the Intern Designer is responsible for producing designated projects ranging from rudimentary to high-level production through the instruction of the Manager and Art Director.

For complete descriptions and contact information, click here!

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An art project for the entire world. Who’s in?!

Created six years ago, the $100,000 TED Prize aims to help make the winner’s wish a reality using the TED community’s resources and talent. Past winners have included former President Bill Clinton, U2’s Bono, oceanographer and explorer Sylvia Earle and most recently, famed chef and health food advocate Jamie Oliver.


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Draw online with Odosketch!

Whether you like to draw or just love to waste hours of your time online, this is a really cool website. The results can be amazing! I’m working on my masterpiece now. Get going on yours and share it with us here! http://sketch.odopod.com/

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The Best and the Worst of the 2011 Super Bowl Ads

2011 Superbowl Ads - YouTube Ad BlitzWell, the SuperBowl is over and the Steelers have been sent home as runner-ups. It was a action packed game full of highs and lows. But for me,  some of the best moments came in between possessions. This years commercials provided lots of entertainment, both good and bad. Some represented their brand well, while others left me scratching my head (kinda like that flop of a half-time show…ooof!). YouTube has done a great job at putting together a page to review every ad in the order of appearance. Check them out and let me know which were your favorites and why. YouTube Ad Blitz>>>

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Fonts In Use

Cool site dedicated to showing your favorite, or not so favorite, fonts in use. Be inspired, or annoyed. Either way, enjoy! >>> Fonts In Use

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